About Us

Who exactly is "Central NY Dragons"?

Simply, we are a small family run business that breeds bearded dragons. These are not the bearded dragons that you see in the larger chain pet stores.  These are bearded dragons that have been carefully produced with top-notch genetics and painstakingly cared for properly since day one.  We are excited to be able to turn our passion for these remarkable creatures into an opportunity for you to also own one as well. Our service to you does not end at the time of purchase, as we always follow up and continue to act as a life long mentor/coach to assist in the care of your dragon.

What exciting things are coming to Central NY Dragons is 2019?

We are excited to be able to offer an even bigger assortment of dragons this year!  We currently have citrus and reds available, and will have zeros and witblits later this year.  We have made some huge changes in our breeders this year.  Some of our previous breeders have been retired and replaced with new dragons for next year.  We are currently growing up some phenomenal reds and het wit/het zeros and hope to be able to produce the infamous wero here in house within this year or next.  

From start to finish...

...we walk you though every step.  We will answer all questions regarding setups, feeders, care, etc. prior to the sale and prior to shipping. We have taken the time to create a wonderful support network for all of our customers and are excited to welcome you into the group.  Are you ready?  Reach out to us and let us walk you through it all.  It is our pleasure to assist you  in purchasing the dragon of your dreams.  

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Joe and Jess